A little bit of me…


Welcome to my personal website. My name is Davide but i don’t need many other presentations about my name as the web address says everything already…I was born in a place second only to Paradise, SARDINIA – Italy!

IMG_20160512_191738That is the place where I grew up. Along the way I always followed my own path doing my experiences and developing my own ideas. Trusting myself and getting only the positive things in life I’ve learned how to go through important decision that have changed my life in one way or another.
I do not regret anything i did (and i will never do) and i strongly believe everyone should do this. I spent most of my life “in the Paradise” until i found out what a wonderful world we have all around us and i have decided to move to the UK where i actually live, work and shoot the best landscapes ever, wonderful colors and emotions, the perfect mix!

But this is not all, actually, in the 2014 by a series of concidences or maybe the faith, the fate i have landed into a wonderful country that i love deeply in my heart…BRAZIL.
This country has the most beautiful things when it comes to food, landscapes, colors, weather.
I will have to thank God for this oppotunity.

However, beside my fine eye for landscapes i am dedicating my passion to private parties, weddings and whatever comes along in my experience. As long as i have a camera in my hands i am happy!

Please feel free to contact me for collaboration, works or simply to share experiences!